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Our Services

Our aim is excellent personalised eye care. This means giving you the best possible vision and eye health assessment with ongoing eyecare at intervals appropriate to you. We continually improve our equipment and skills to offer care to current best practice.  The practice staff have training to triage you into the corrrect appointment so if you have a problem, rather than needing a routine appointment, please tell us when you book.  

We have an OCT 3D scanner to examine the retina and the layers underneath the surface. This is a safe, painless procedure taking less than a minute which can help early detection of disease, sometimes before there are any symptoms. We store the images to pick up small changes from visit to visit which might indicate a problem or to monitor eye conditions. We also have external eye imaging to get baseline photographs and to monitor external eye disease such as dry eye. With your permission we can send images to the hospital when required. 

Private Eyecare    If you are on Eyeplan, a private patient or contact lens patient you can be seen as frequently as you need and we reserve some appointments including Saturday mornings for these groups. A private eye examination costs £60 which includes all diagnostic tests and completion or any reports or letters. Eyeplan is our eye care plan which covers all professional fees and offers other benefits and discounts.  Eyeplan starts from £6.50 per month. Please ask us for more details. 

NHS sight tests    We continue to offer NHS funded sight tests and strongly advise patients to add digital imaging including OCT scans for a fee of £25. There is no charge for children who require additional imaging. The NHS limit frequency of sight tests to every two years unless there is a problem, or a reason to be seen more often such as family history of glaucoma. Please call us for advice on eligibility.  If you would like more frequent eye examinations please ask us about this.

Glasses     If you need glasses, we have a large range of frames and lenses to ensure you have comfortable, clear vision and a style that suits you. Being independent means we can offer spectacle lenses from the whole market and are not tied to certain ranges. We supply lenses specifically for office and computer use as well as the normal distance, reading and multifocal lenses. We also stock sunglasses which can be glazed to your prescription. 

We offer prescription glasses and goggles for sport such as swimming or football and safety glasses for DIY or work.

We stock some Eco friendly frames made from recycled ocean plastics and will repair or reglaze spectacles. 

Contact Lenses    We fit a wide range of soft and gas permeable contact lenses including multifocal lenses and offer lenses from many manufacturers including for more complex prescriptions. 

Urgent Eyecare    We are part of Stockport CUES (Community Urgent Eyecare Service) for assessment and treatment of recent eye and vision problems. Many patients are sent to CUES by their GP, but you can self-refer, call us if you have a new eye problem or minor injury and we will try to help.

Myopia Control   We offer myopia control contact lens and spectacle options for children with the aim of reducing progression of myopia as they grow. 

Cataract Services   We are accredited to provide direct referral to hospital for cataract surgery and to carry out post-operative checks for the hospital after cataract surgery.